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Who We Are

Two lucky guys were given an opportunity to master their barbeque skills at a BBQ class as a gift from their beautiful wives. The secret to good barbeque was discovered: "Good BBQ don't need no sauce." After a few years of experimentation with different spices, types of meat, and smoking methods, the BurleyBBQ team was born. Brennan and Brian not only enjoy smoking barbeque but more importantly enjoy the experiences they can share with their customers. The laid back, good ole boy attitude is a tribute to the strong roots made right here in Kentucky. Nothing matters more to BurleyBBQ than family, friends, and eating well.


Along with the sale of smoked barbeque comes homegrown black raspberry jam, Bourbon Cakes, and three original sauces that accompany the barbeque because "Some people just need to be sauced."

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